You Need Good Pics !

You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.Well in the casting business -clear,colour ,recent pics are essential for our clients looking to book models for TV or Stills jobs.The talent with the best pics usually get the most bookings

Pics taken on your cellphone are not acceptable.
Do not wear hats or sunglasses for your pics.

FREE REGISTRATION: Adults : If you’ve had professional studio pics taken within the last 6 months,register with Starlightz now for FREE! *
If your baby’s pics were taken professionally within the last 3 months, or kids 3- 17 yrs old within the last 6 months ,register them for FREE!!!**


Babies under 1 year should have updated pics every 2-3 months.
For kids 12-36 months,pics every 6 months.
Kids 3-12 years,every 6-12 months.


* & ** Offer for Limited Time Only!