What Sets Starlightz Casting Agency Apart?

  • Starlightz is an established agency operating since 2002, we currently offer castings for all ages in Cape Town.
  • Starlightz Performers are entitled to go to TV commercials, Photo & Film shoot Castings.
  • Starlightz Performers are invited to attend closed castings, exclusively held for Starlightz members only.
  • Professional Service Guaranteed!
  • Great Jobs!

Frequently Asked Questions


To register with Starlightz, complete our online registration form or download form ( PDF) word.doc and email/fax to 086 6409 514.
Kids need to complete our online registration form here or download Kids Form (PDF) / Word.doc and email or fax to 086 6409 514.

Submit 3 photos (2 headshots and one mid/full lenth shot) of yourself taken with a digital camera.
They needn’t be professional pics, but they must have been taken recently & be clear. See sample images

Registration Fee for all ages is currently R150 per person. This is a once-off fee.
Registration Fees for 2 children in same household is R200. (1 parent may join free with 2 paying kids)
Registration Fees for 3 children in same household is R250 (Both parents may join free with 3 paying kids)
Registration Fees for 4 children in same household is R325 (Both parents may join free with 4 paying kids)

Fax Proof of payment to 0866409514 or email to info@starlightzcasting.com.You will receive confirmation of us having received your application, photos & payment via email.


Sea Point Branch
Branch Code: 106909
Account Number: 1069 367885


Once Starlightz has completed the necessary amendments to your shots, we use these pictures as a reference for ourselves and for our clients. We also distribute them to these clients upon request, and include them in our online Casting Directory. This directory is viewed mainly by Casting Directors, Production Companies and Advertising Agencies. It should be stressed that no agency can guarantee work for anyone on their books. Our policy, however, is to represent and promote you in the best ways possible. Please note that Starlightz does not charge any annual registration fee to be with the agency.

There is no fee payable for assessment.

Clients are increasingly using the internet for accessing casting databases, when searching for cast. This technology enables us to access a far greater volume of clients for you, both locally and internationally. We do not display any details other than your first name (no surnames), age, height, hair colour, skills etc. Should you have any concerns about this facility please speak to us.


The amount you earn for a job depends entirely on whether the work is for a print ad, fashion shoot, film or TV commercial, in a lead role, as a walk on or as a background extra. Pay for shoots varies, from R350 to the thousands.


Starlightz represents, promotes and arranges details of jobs. We liaise on your behalf with our clients. Once you have completed a shoot, we will invoice clients and as soon as payment has been received, we pay you. We only issue payment upon receipt of client’s payments. For these reasons the agency deducts a commission on all monies earned.


It’s quite simple. We receive a brief from the client for a specific job, together with audition and venue details. We submit your photos, or selection of photos of those who meet the criteria. Upon confirmation from the client, we then contact you with this information and confirm your attendance. We will tell you of any particular dress code that has been stipulated, which product the casting is for and the exact times and dates for when you will be required for the shoot, should you be successful. All performers must keep to the arranged casting times. After the casting, you need to do nothing else. The client will never call you directly, they will call the agency to book you for a job. The selection for any part is not made by Starlightz, it’s always made by the client and their decision is seldom made on the day of the casting. It can take several days before final selections are made. Our duty as an agency is to provide suitable people who fit the specifications given to us by the client.


We will always tell you prior to casting,what you should wear. Avoid stripes, luminous colours, and busy patterns. Wear nice, comfortable clothes in solid colours (blue/red/green) or neutral tones. When in doubt about the dress code, go casual-smart. Jeans are a gamble. Wear them only if they are clean and if they are appropriate for the role. Some casting directors don’t like jeans and others don’t mind. You have to decide if you are willing to take that chance with your first impression. For guys, a collared shirt is always a good idea or if you have a nicely toned physique a body- hugging T-Shirt will be fine. Clothing should be comfortable enough to allow you to move without feeling constrained. The fit and colours should flatter your skintone and body type.

If you are auditioning for the part of a doctor, wear something white, loose and casual. If you are auditioning for a seductive role, wear something elegant that shows off your figure. If you do not feel comfortable in the clothing, it will show.
Please do not go to the expense of hiring a costume for a casting, even though you’re trying to impress the casting director, it seldom gets you the role. Rather,use your creativity & piece together an outfit from within your own wardrobe.

Take with a prop to the casting to make your character more believable, like a hat, cane, bag, tennis racket, guitar, whistle, scarf etc.

Dramatic Roles: If casting requires you to cry on cue, don’t wear heavy mascara … It will ALWAYS run!


Today, looking charactery is “in”, so whether you’re skinny or round, you’re still in demand for shoots. What you call imperfections in your appearance actually make you interesting to look at. There is nothing you can do about beautiful models who attend the same casting as you. They are not your business. Comparing yourself with others at a casting is a deadly quicksand, so don’t step in it. JUST BE YOURSELF!


There is often very little notice given to the agency when you’re chosen. We should have your correct details on file so we can call you at any time(late at night too). It’s imperative that you notify us of new cellphone numbers. We’ll always try to give you as much notice as possible. We will give you full details of the location, calltime and dresscode as soon as we have been given them. If you do not arrive on set, after being booked for the shoot, we will immediately take you off our books. A shoot can vary in length, but it’s important that you make yourself available for the entire day, freeing yourself of all work commitments & appointments. When arriving on set and completing the shoot, always sign the time sheet that was issued to you by the Production Company on the day. Do not go to a casting if you know you are going away on vacation soon after.

Clients provide meals and refreshments on jobs if you are booked all day. Take snacks, drinks or food along if your shoot is half a day or you have special dietary needs. Please take along books, magazines etc. to read. There may be long gaps between shots and you may become a little bored.


Clients can take up to 3 months to settle their accounts, however invoices from Starlightz ask for a 60 day payment. You will never pay a casting director to cast you, they are employed by Production Companies.
You do not get paid to go to castings/auditions, you only get paid if you are chosen to be in a shoot.
Blackmailing Starlightz for higher fees, or failing to show up on set, after you have agreed to the job is unacceptable.
You will be blacklisted throughout the industry from doing further work.


Email us if you have changed your appearance significantly, like shaved your head, changed your hair colour, cut your hair short, grown a beard or moustache etc. Do not wait for us to contact you for updated pics ,please use your own discretion.

Ideally update your pics every film season.


If you want to become a TV presenter, actor or actress you will need formal training. Contact Starlightz Casting and we will help you find the right course to fast track your career!